Glory to Glory

It’s been a really insightful journey, and makes me dig deep to not identifying with all the thoughts, fears and reactions that I notice come up for me.
It’s good practice to remember whenever I feel I’m in some sort of fear, old story, or desperate state, that it has come up, to heal what I’m not.
Yahoo! Where am I going? well, it’s not a place…It’s to the end of my personal suffering.

One morning when I woke up, I was feeling very restless but I did not rush into that restlessness as though that’s my cue to quickly go do something, as I would normally do in the past….but like a favorite saying “Encounter the un-made decision with the stillness of presence and see what you see.”
So I sat in restlessness.
I always notice when I enter the present stillness, the “un-made decision” is beautiful, perfect and non-worrisome. It just sits there sparkling, untouched by anything.




On our walk, my friend Charity mentioned to me about the saying of “moving from Glory to Glory”. I looked it up because it touched me, and feel to post ans share here.

Some tidbits of comments I really love…

To go from glory to glory:
-To be ever increasing in glory – is to continually be changed into what you were created to be. Increasing in the nature of God.

This I copy/pasted from a write up on it.

The fact is that we are changed from glory into glory.
This means that God knows exactly where we are and comes to show us where we are going. We cannot say, “We do not know where you are going (John 14:5)” because He will simply say to us what He said to Thomas. “I am the Way” to where we are going. He knows the glory in which we presently live, and He shows us the glory He would have us attain. Our problem lies in our decision to proceed with the painful process of being changed. There is no apprehension of the glory of God from our viewpoint without change….the very purpose of the glory is change. 

Loved the GG on this tombstone. A symbol of Glory to Glory.

One thought on “Glory to Glory

  1. Well said from Glory to Glory. What I like about this quote is that right now we are in Glory perfect as we are right now, just a a flower is perfect in every stage of its growth until maturity and then in the waning of its life it is still in its glory as it cycles through its perfection of the circle of life. From Glory to Glory we are on our way. Every step is exactly how it is supposed to be. There are no accidents in Spirit.

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